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Understanding the Different Types of Fraud Crimes

Understanding the Different Types of Fraud Crimes | Lorraine Gauli-RuoFraud encompasses a wide range of criminal activities, and such charges may be brought on the state or federal level depending on the circumstances. Although it is considered a white collar crime, that doesn’t make it any less serious in nature. Victims of fraud are often left in financial ruin, so prosecutors tend to be very aggressive against those who are alleged to have committed such crimes.

All types of fraud share one thing in common: intentionally deceiving someone or misrepresenting yourself for personal gain. Such crimes are sometimes committed to cause harm to a victim. In either case, if you are facing fraud charges, it’s imperative to hire Montclair or New Jersey attorneys as soon as possible.

While fraud typically results in criminal charges, civil lawsuits may be brought against alleged perpetrators too. Therefore, going without legal representation is a big mistake. Because fraud takes on many different forms, it’s essential to hire an attorney who has extensive experience in defending people who have been charged with such crimes.

Types of Fraud

Fraud is committed by people from all walks of life. A few examples of the most common types of fraud include:

Mail Fraud – involves using the U.S. postal service during the commission of a crime. For example, mailing forged checks is a type of mail fraud. Claiming someone else’s mail is another. Mail fraud is a federal crime.

Bank Fraud – From falsifying checks to assuming someone else’s identify to withdraw funds from their bank account, bank fraud is a serious offense that can result in considerable penalties.

Credit Card Fraud – Unlawfully taking and using someone else’s credit card information for financial gain is considered credit card fraud, and prosecutors tend to aggressively go after those who have committed it.

Healthcare and Insurance Fraud – From using another person’s information or name to falsifying records, insurance and healthcare fraud is also a serious offense.

Hire New Jersey Criminal Bank Fraud Attorneys Today

As serious as fraud charges are, they are often brought against people who weren’t intentionally trying to inflict harm on others. The only way to protect your rights and to properly defend yourself against such charges is with the help of Montclair or New Jersey attorneys. Call Lorraine Gauli-Rufo at 973-239-4300 today.

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